khagan (2006)

Software Used: Maya

: Khagan (2006) is a short animation that I created as a student project for Advanced Character Animation class in my last few months at the Art Institute of Portland.  The look and style of the project was based on somewhat economic means.  The class allowed very little time for actual preparation, so I either had to use someone else's pre-made characters and rigs or find a way to model and rig my own and still have time to animate them.

I ended up coming up with the idea to focus solely on strong silhouettes.  I modeled the characters as quickly as I could,
focusing on expressive shapes and stripped away the non-essential details.  The characters include some custom rigging,
but they are primarily based off of a rigging script provided by the class instructor, Jason Baskin.

I created storyboards and an animatic to speed along the animation process.

View Animatic.